Evidence of Sophisticated, Ancient, Unknown Cultures in Italy Near Caria-And The New Ica?

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 26 2006

by DomenicoテつCanino

1971 . Girifalco, a small village in the hills of Calabriaテつ halfway between Jonio and Tirreno,… an incredible uninterrupted rainstorm of more than 20 hours duration caused large landslides in the population center.

After the deluge, lawyer Mario Tolone Azzariti, on behalf of some land owners, was placed in charge of the inspections for estimating the extent of the flood damage.

In the course of these visits, inテつan area near Caria, where great landslides had taken place, and wide fractures in the land had been created, Tolone Azzariti recovered a anthropomorphic terracotta head which was engraved with indecipherable characters.

Tolone Azzariti, had developed a wide knowledge of classical cultures from years of study in the historical libraries and in the National archaeological Museum of Naples, but it had never seen objects of this character, not from the age of the Greeks, nor Phonecians or Roman….テつ

Extremely curious about the origins of the mysterious object, he increased theテつscope of his search to all the areas of the neighborhood; reading through other reports of the area, for if indeed this object was from an unknown civilization, there must be many other signs of its presence.

テつ ……And now we come to one of the most important piece of Toloneテ「竄ャ邃「s collection. One that will receive the closest scrutiny and interrogation by experts–and for which the collector has been quite emphatic of its authenticity,- a terracotta statue ofテつ approximately 18 cm of length representing one strange dinosaur/sauropod with plates on its back.テつ

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