Is This the Famous Nahuelito?

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 22 2006

Source: El Cordillerano, April 17, 2006

An anonymous citizen left these photos and departed. We had no chance to question him and thus have no way to ascertain the truthfulness of the account. For that reason we ‘re printing them for everyone’s consideration.

Seeing what the photos were of surprised us all. Later they began to closely analyze the contents of the photographs. Some were alarmed and others incredulous. Without doubt in Bariloche, when one speaks about the ‘Nahuelito’, people take serious notice.

On Saturday, a gentleman approached the receptionist of the newspaper, spoke with the employee of administration and left him with three photos and a plain label that said

“it is not a twisted tree trunk. It is not a wave. Nahuelito has shown his face. Lake Nahuel Huapi, Saturday 15 of April, 9 o’clock. I’m not giving you any personal information in order to avoid future annoyances for myself “.  

In the images, at a short distance from the shore of the lake, different views of an animal can be seen, similar to a serpent with a semi-submerged body.

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