Neanderthals were not stupid, just a bit anti-social

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 13 2006

Isn’t evolutionary “science”テつ grand? Amazing? For years nowテつthey’ve been tellingテつus that “Neanderthals” were stupid, slow, non-humans who died out because they couldn’t compete with “modern” man, their supposed evolutionary competition.テつ

Now, in another incredible demonstration of the theory’s flexibility,テつafter more and more evidence came in that “Neanderthals” were (are) as smart or smarter than we are, it is now thought that they were “too smart”. See this headline Neanderthals-were-too-smart-to-survive

The article below claims that they very very smart but died out because they were anti-social….


“CRUDE, boorish and slow- witted” – even dictionaries give Neanderthals a hard time. But our prehistoric cousins were in reality just as smart as we are and did not die out as a result of a lack of brain power, according to a new archaeological study.”CRUDE, boorish and slow- witted” – even dictionaries give Neanderthals a hard time.

Working in the Caucasus region of modern-day Georgia, the scientists discovered evidence of highly skilled hunting behaviour by the Neanderthals that required an understanding of yearly animal migration patterns and the planning of traps to catch them.

But they also found there was a crucial difference between Neanderthals and homo sapiens. The Neanderthals tended to be anti-social, staying in small hunter-gatherer groups, while the sapiens were “routinely” travelling distances of 60 miles and meeting other groups.

These findings have caused some evolutionary scientists concern. This is because as a group, they themselves are commonly perceived to be anti-social.

“We are not “anti-social”, explained Dr. Dew Fuss, an anthropologist. I am “nerdy”, and lack certain social capabilities and/or skills. “I’m awkward “, he said.

Other evolutionary scientists prefer the term, “geek” or “geeky”. ”

Again, these attributes are not examples of “anti-social” behavior, rather they are examples of “social ineptness”, exerbated by an exclusive focus on academic pursuits and too little time in church” another scientist contributed anonymously. Most “normal” people have more of a balance in their lives and can speak without “spraying it”, he continued.

Still, other evolutionary scientists see the clear parallel between “the smart but anti-social Neanderthal” and the “smart but socially inept evolutionary scientist”.

“I just hope that someday, millions of years from now, after our line has disappeared from the face of the earth, that people won’t also be arguing over whether or not we were truly human.

Of course, the Neanderthal was not only smarter, but he was also bigger and stronger. We on the other hand tend to be puny and weak–so we do have that going for us”, said Dr. Fuss, who then kissed this reporter on the cheek and shook his Mother’s hand on the way out. Actually, we were the ones leaving. We understand that Dr. Fuss hardly ever goes very far from campus.テつ


If you Must, Read the Real, Orginal Story Here, which Is Just as Amusing in it’s Own Way


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