Walking with Cavemen = Walking with Nonsense

Posted by Chris Parker
Apr 06 2006

by Project Creation

Science continues to portray “cave men” as primitive brutes although in the last few years they’ve had to admit that “Cro magnon” and “Neanderthal” looked pretty much like you and I, if not taller, stronger and with a larger brain.

If you’re a Bible believer, you should have realized that this was true whether or not scientists agree.

Walking with Nonsense

“About once a year the Church of Evolution has a special evangelistic outreach. This year it is a program on the Discovery Channel called Walking With Cavemen, debuting on June 15.

The program claims to present definitive proof of human evolution, but what it really does is recycle old ideas with a few new bits of bone and then, using animation and actors, pretend they are presenting some kind of actual scientific program.

But clever animation and actors in makeup do not constitute true science.”

Starring Bruce Willis?

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