The Giant Stone Head of Guatemala–From Whence and to Whence?

Posted by Chris Parker
Mar 29 2006

Philip Coppens

A photograph of an enigmatic head in the Guatemalan jungle is one of those discoveries that quickly achieved notoriety, and equally fast disappeared from the radar. Still, further efforts should perhaps be made to further the cause of this enigma.

Some archaeological findings appear and then soon afterwards disappear again, even though they generate tremendous interest at the time of their initial announcement.

This was definitely the case for a gigantic stone head somewhere in the jungle of Guatemala. One of the first people to speak about this Guatemalan stone head was Dr. Oscar Padilla, in 1987. Padilla was a doctor of philosophy, as well as a lawyer and notary – though many seem to define him as a man interested in UFOs.

With this known interest in the mysterious, he was sent a photograph of a monolith located somewhere in the jungles of Guatemala. The photograph was taken in the 1950s by the owner of the land where the huge stone sculpture was located, but as he had died, Padilla had been unable to determine the exact location.

The story was first printed in the Ancient Astronaut Society newsletter Ancient Skies, in 1987. The article included the important photograph that sat the centre of the controversy.

For controversial it was.

The stone head had very fine features: thin lips, a large sharp nose, leaving an overall Caucasian interpretation. They eyes of the head are closed. Its size is enormous, at least 30 feet, as can be calculated from the three men sitting on top and the car parked in front of the statue.

Some initial observations were made: was the structure just a head, or was there a body underneath? Though unlikely, it could be.

If therefore most likely “just” a head, was there a rapport with the stone torsos of Easter Island? That seemed unlikely, but was asked at the time – specifically given the audience that would read the report. The “original” photo is in black and white–we colorized it to help you see details in the presumbaly old photo. We’re not attesting to the validity of the story or of the photo, but if you’d like to read the rest of the story Click Here

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