Satellite Sleuth Closes in on Noah’s Ark Mystery

Posted by Chris Parker
Mar 10 2006

By Leonard David, Senior Space Writer posted: 09 March 2006

“High on Mt. Ararat in eastern Turkey, there is a baffling mountainside “anomaly,” a feature that one researcher claims may be something of biblical proportions.”

Photo: DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird commercial remote sensing satellite imaged the Mt. Ararat “anomaly” in 2003. This image has never seen by the public until now.

The anomaly is surrounded below by very rugged-looking strato-volcanic rock; however, the texture of the feature in question is relatively smooth and appears to be made of a different substance.

Credit: DigitalGlobe

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2 Responses

  1. Paul Davies says:

    Since Ron Wyatt’s site actually has something to look at that still has not been debunked (depite several attempt at smear campains), it is far more interesting than the maybes and what-ifs of the “Ararat-only” community. The Bible says clearly “mountains of ararat” NOT Mt ararat.

    The supporting evidence of the Wyatt site is very convincing, AND the Turks (who have 80,000 archaeological sites so should know something about it) have verified it as convincing.

  2. Administrator says:

    Dear Paul,

    We’re well aware of the “Wyatt” material. Some of the oldest links we had on this site were links to his material. However, we recieved a number of complaints about Mr. Wyatt, to the effect that he had misrepresented, faked and made factual misrepresentations re: the supposed Noah’s Ark site. (We’re not making that claim ourselves, as we have no real way of evaluating them).

    These “attacks” came from “Christians”, including a letter from one of the scientists that had been a part of the expedition who claimed that he had been misquoted and misrepresented. There are several articles from Christian sources which “debunk” the Wyatt material.

    You call them “smear campaigns”. Perhaps they are. But what is the motivation? Wouldn’t Christians if anything tend to more readily accepting of claims such as Wyatt’s?

    I can see no reason for “Christians” to engage in a smear campaign vs Wyatt and in fact don’t see it happening on any other topics of this sort.

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