A Copán Pterosaur?

Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 14 2006

Pre-Columbian Pterosaur?

“Copán is the southern most of the ancient cities of the vast Mayan civilization that flourished in The Classic Period of 300 to 900 AD.” There are literally hundreds and perhaps thousands of varieties of pterosaurs and/or pteranodons that existed or that still exist in the world.

We can’t be sure exactly which of the many South American types this actually represents (if we’re correct) but we don’t believe as the Copan Sculpture Museum does, that this is in fact a “bird”.

We believe it is a type of flying reptile believed by science to have been extinct for millions of years.

As you might know, science does not know exactly how any of the dinosaurs actually looked and this is true of the pterosauria as well.

Note that this specimen has a characteristic notch on his bill, common to many long billed pterosauria…

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  1. s. zeilenga says:

    Thanks for the comparitive picture. That pretty much seals the deal with me.
    Now if only secular science would listen…

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