Charles Darwin Goes to Church?

Posted by Chris Parker
Feb 04 2006

Hello my Friends,

I receive the newsletter of the National Center for Science Education in my email. I like to keep an eye on the enemy’s movements so to speak and the information provided in it on evolution is always a good indication of where things are headed.

Let me just say this, evolutionary groups are militantly advancing their agenda. Evolutionists are on the attack and are doing almost everything in their power to find a way into our schools and churches.

Here is a blurb from their recent newsletter. This is not a joke, they are actually doing this:


Hundreds of Christian churches all over the country are taking part in Evolution Sunday, February 12, 2006. Michael Zimmerman, the initiator of the project, writes, “For far too long, strident voices, in the name of Christianity, have been claiming that people must choose between religion and modern science.

More than 10,000 Christian clergy have already signed The Clergy Letter demonstrating that this is a false dichotomy. Now, on the 197th anniversary of the birth of Charles Darwin, many of these leaders will bring this message to their congregations through sermons and/or discussion groups. Together, participating religious leaders will be making the statement that religion and science are not adversaries.

And, together, they will be elevating the quality of the national debate on this topic.” At last count, over 400 congregations in 49 states were scheduled to hold Evolution Sunday events; they are listed at the Clergy Letter Project website.

Evolution Sunday is the successor to Zimmerman’s successful Clergy Letter Project, in which over 10,000 members of the Christian clergy signed a statement reading, in part, “We believe that the theory of evolution is a foundational scientific truth, one that has stood up to rigorous scrutiny and upon which much of human knowledge and achievement rests.

To reject this truth or to treat it as ‘one theory among others’ is to deliberately embrace scientific ignorance and transmit such ignorance to our children. We believe that among God’s good gifts are human minds capable of critical thought and that the failure to fully employ this gift is a rejection of the will of our Creator. …

We urge school board members to preserve the integrity of the science curriculum by affirming the teaching of the theory of evolution as a core component of human knowledge. We ask that science remain science and that religion remain religion, two very different, but complementary, forms of truth.”

It is for reasons like this that I am moving into this battle with my website and my media.

I just wanted to drop you a note about this and ask you to pray with me against the untruths that are being advanced against the truth that is presented in the Bible.

God bless you and all your kingdom efforts,

Scott Zeilenga

~ so some may fathom this tall-tale called reality ~

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3 Responses

  1. s. zeilenga says:

    I encourage everyone to pray about this issue. The more evolutionary untruths get fed into the church the more our faith is compromised.

    Evolution theorizes that we all came about through random death and mutation. But if death is the way that God created then why is it important that He defeated death? If evolution is true then He didn’t have to be raised from the dead. And if Christ wasn’t raised from the dead then 1 Corinthians 15 makes it clear that our faith is useless. Evolution and Christianity are contrary to each other.

  2. Administrator says:


  3. Teno Groppi says:

    The leader of this “Evolution Sunday” farce and the “Clergy Letter Project”, Dr. Michael Zimmerman is the best proof for evolution that exists. He turned into a chicken right before my eyes.

    He’s the dean of science at our local university here in Oshkosh. He published a book called “Science, Non-Science, and Nonsense”. We had Kent Hovind coming in right after Zimmerman’s book was released, so I tried to arrange a debate between the two. Zimmerman is a brash, arrogant evolutionist – the American version of Richard Dawkins, and I thought he’d jump at the chance to get his book some publicity and educate us ignorant creationists. I called him, left a message, and he never returned my call. So I sent him a registered letter, which was returned because he refused to sign.

    The newspaper caught on to the interest because of several letters to the editor calling him out. They tried to get him to do a written debate and he refused that. Then our local radio station tried to get him to do a phone debate and he refused that. He ducked Hovind so many times I think he needed to see a chiropractor. Finally I challenged him myself (in the paper and email) and he ducked me.

    Later he ducked Dr. Joe Mastropaolo and last year he ducked John Pendleton. He’s a big-mouthed coward.

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