Dinosaurs in Literature, Art & History–Revisiting The Stones of Ica

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 27 2006

“So God created the Great Dragons”
…Genesis 1:21 The Latin Vulgate; 5th Century

In the whole “did dinosaurs co-exist with man- “controversy””, the Ica Stones are the smoking gun. More than that really–they’re a mushroom cloud over the notion that dinosaurs died out millions of years before man even “evolved”.

In this section of the website; Dinosaurs in Literature, Art and History, I believe we’ve already proven to the open minded that dinosaurs did in fact live with and “interact” with man. If you’re a Christian, we shouldn’t have had to convince you of that.

The Ica stones are an archaeological treasure trove. They are in general beautiful works of art with themes seen in some of the other ancient Peruvian art we’ve examined on these pages.

Dr. Jose Cabrera, whose Father began collecting the stones in the 1930’s now has over 11,000 of these ancient artifacts in his museum, which are engraved stones of varying sizes, which depict: advanced astronomical scenes, advanced medical knowledge,- including heart transplants and brain surgery and many scenes showing dinosaur and man interacting.

Fully one third of the stones portray known dinosaur types; some displaying characteristics in the 1960’s (when the existence of the stones became “generally known”), which predated our current understanding of how these animals looked.

These stones show scenes of man controlling, killing or being killed by dinosaurs (a term first used in the mid-1800’s). As seen below, some of the scenes depicted appear to be of mechanical contrivances that remind us of Pascal’s tomb lid.

These stones show signs of being of great age, such as oxidation. Rocks cannot be carbon dated but as we relate below a number of experts have given their opinion as to the age of these stones as being between 1,500 and 12,000 years old.

Conventional science and archaeologists have either ignored these enigmatic stones or condemned them as fakes. They have refused to cooperate with any scientific analyses of the stones and in general act as if they wish they’d go away.

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