CIA Memorandums Re: Noah’s Ark On Mount Ararat

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 25 2006

Released Through Freedom of Information Act.

From: Cliff Paiva
Date: 16 Jan 06

Subject: HLS DCI Mt Ararat Data from the mid-1990s

1. As most folks are aware, the Department of Central Intelligence (DCI) through the National Image Mapping Agency (NIMA) and CIA had conducted research on Mt. Ararat since the 1950s U-2 surveillance flights.

Here are some of the files made available to me through Dr. ____ of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, DC. I was associated with the East Asian Working Group at CSIS, representing Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC).

2. The anomaly is of interest in these earlier researches conducted by DCI. The Simmons-Ahmet Object is not of course the “anomaly”, however the anomaly and many other objects may be resident on the mountain. This is due to the reluctance of Noah’s immediate family to descend to lower regions.

3. The “anomaly” is located at the foot of the probably temporally inhabited plateau…the Simmons-Ahmet Object on the other hand is located considerably higher and to the left of the Ahora Gorge.

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  1. Jim Roy says:

    Hi … This is Jim from INDIA … was going thru ur website

    chek Ancient Indian (Vedic description of TIME)

    Vedic documentation on the Great Flood / destruction / the Boat (Noah’s Ark??!) that saved all living beings

  2. Jim Roy says:

    more on the Ark (from Matsya Purana … Hindu Mythology)

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