Giant Skeleton of Mystery Animal Found– Feared Dead

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 21 2006

July 12, 2005

Ahmedabad: Mystery shrouds the discovery of a giant-size skeleton of a yet to be identified animal, found partly buried on the bank of Pampa Sarovar near Subir village in Dangs district.

The skeleton was exposed after the earth on the bank of the Sarovar was washed away in the recent heavy floods in the district.

Initial reports reaching here from the Dangs said the skeleton is 15 ft long. It has long bones, long thin nails and jaws with sharp canine teeth.

When contacted, Dangs collector J Jadhav said that he visited the site along with the civil surgeon and veterinary doctors from the district headquarters at Ahwa. Since the skeleton is partly buried in the earth, they could not identify the animal.

Meanwhile, a team of Archaeological Survey of India is expected to reach the village shortly to examine the skeleton and identify it

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  1. I am looking for actual pictures of the bones found there which may prove those to be fossilised – (palaeontology) or just bones ( anthropology – archaeology)
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