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Can the Bible be Taken Literally? A Response to Lenny Flank

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Jan 18 2006

By Helen Fryman Setterfield

Can the Bible be Taken Literally? is a series of challenges posted by Lenny Flank.

Questions concerning this list of questions are frequently asked of Christians who field emails. It is with the very able help of Roger Hutchinson that I have decided to answer these ‘challenges’ in detail.

In the short form, the answer to Mr. Flank is “The Bible can be taken to mean what it says given a straightforward reading. The concept of ‘literal’ seems to invite some rather ridiculous criticisms regarding idioms and poetic language.

However, since Hebrew is a living language, tracing idioms and poetry is not nearly as difficult as it would be with a dead language, such as Latin.

So yes, Mr. Flank, the Bible is trustworthy.”

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