Ceratopsian Dinosaur Depiction at Hindu temple

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 17 2006

The Muktinath Temple was “consecrated” in 1815 A.D by Queen Subarna Prabha, the wife of Rana Bahadur Shah. This temple is built in a Tibetan pagoda style and contains huge brass idols of Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and Kali. The local name for Muktinath is Chumig Gyatsa.

On a wall of the temple are 108 “dragon headed” fountains which pilgrims seek out to “cleanse” themselves. Actually, the heads are variously described as; dragons or bulls.

At least one of the heads, as seen here on the left in this photo, is not a dragon or a bull, but instead is an excellent likeness of a ceratopsian dinosaur.

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