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Jan 17 2006

Pons & Fleishman. Cold Fusionists.

The point of this little exercise is this; what those who confidently spout what it is science knows will have to confidently expouse something altogether different on the same subject sometime in the future. What is paradigm today was foolishness yesterday. Science is good, yes. Science is important yes. Mankind has made great strides through science, yes. But “science” is–a “skill” practiced by fallible men. The Bible on the other hand while not intended to be a science book is infallible.

These links prove that the barest investigation will reveal that “science” is a moving target. There’s nothing wrong with that–the point is, many materialists acts as though that is not the case. Whatever the number of links like this there are, there’ll be more tommorow.

“Scientists Had Previously Thought”530 Links

“Scientists Had Previously Believed”460 Links

“Scientists Previously Thought”725 Links

“Scientists Previously Believed”884 Links

Ceratopsian Dinosaur Depiction at Hindu temple

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Jan 17 2006

The Muktinath Temple was “consecrated” in 1815 A.D by Queen Subarna Prabha, the wife of Rana Bahadur Shah. This temple is built in a Tibetan pagoda style and contains huge brass idols of Lord Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma and Kali. The local name for Muktinath is Chumig Gyatsa.

On a wall of the temple are 108 “dragon headed” fountains which pilgrims seek out to “cleanse” themselves. Actually, the heads are variously described as; dragons or bulls.

At least one of the heads, as seen here on the left in this photo, is not a dragon or a bull, but instead is an excellent likeness of a ceratopsian dinosaur.

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