Good Year on Nessie Trail – Four Sightings

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 12 2006

Inverness Courier

NESSIE may only have poked her head out of water a handful of times but it was enough to see 2005 hailed as a good year for sightings with the first unexplained pictures of an object in the loch since 2001.

It took until August for any credible sightings to be reported, but the four reports over three months led Loch Ness Monster Fan Club president Gary Campbell to comment: “Overall it was a good year for sightings.

“Although there were only four, all of them appear bona fide and at least one had pictures to back it up. These were the first unexplained pictures taken at the loch for about four years.”

The sightings reported in 2005 were:

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