Giant “Homo Sapiens” Footprints Found on Rocks in India

Posted by Chris Parker
Jan 12 2006

Kerala News
‘Big Foot’ walked across Kerala 30,000 years ago!
By Jehovah G, Palakkad (Kerala):

Giant footprints found at Karalmanna, a hilly village in Kerala’s Palakkad District, are now being projected by anthropologists as belonging to homo sapiens that lived in the area about 30, 000 years ago.

According to the team of anthropologists headed by Krishna Swamy the footprints which are two feet six inches in length, belonged to a giant human being weighing about 400 kilograms (880 pounds?) and having a height of about 17 feet.

(17 feet-not a misprint!-but we’re just quoting the article)

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  1. tina garcia says:

    I want to know exactly where in the Bible ,what scriptures does it speak of giant beings?

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