In Which We Show Paleontologists What Ceratopsians Really Looked Like, Prove They Interacted With Humans, Name a New Dinosaur, Solve A Mystery–and Eat Garlic Chicken Over Rice

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 23 2005

“There is precious little data about dinosaurs to transcend. What the museum scientists know about Indians, whales, and elephants is more than enough to mimic real life. But when it comes to dinosaurs, all they really have to work with is an incomplete jumble of bones. …. And the elephants are a special case.

There’s a running joke among professional dinosaur artists that goes like this: Given just an elephant skeleton, they’d probably render a titanic hamster….Discover Magazine..What Did Dinosaurs Like, and Will We Never Know” Funny , you should mention: Elephants.

Here at, we believe we’ve shown in this section that evidence exists in archaic art to support the idea that “ancient” man lived with and/or interacted with “dinosaurs”. Looking at ancient art could permit us to go back in history as if using a time machine.

Just as anthropologists have shaped our view of “ancient man” by drawing him as a primitive from just a few bones (in other words, they used pure imagination) paleontologists and artists working with them have used virually their imaginations alone to describe what dinosaurs looked like.

We assert that they may have been way off when it comes to ceratopsians. We think all those images of the ceratopsians are probably wrong in a vey important detail. The proboscis. Far fetched? Of course it is, particularly if you’re convinced dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. ….

Click Here to Read, Article, See Correct Ceratopsians and to See a Mystery, Solved?

2 Responses

  1. crypto Z says:

    Hmmm… yeah, I guess it is worth considering. The only thing that kind of bugs me is that leg sticking out at the back top of the sculpture. It almost looks like it is a scupture of an entire body and not just a skull.

    But, good observation. It is definately worth looking into. Thanks.

  2. Administrator says:

    Hey! What happened to my reply? As I said previously, that which looks like toes are actually small bonesas shown by the arrow. Since I posted this I went back and searched art from Nepal and verifed (as shown on the base page) that this was intended to be a dragon/dinosaur head. See the page

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