Meyers Spring Plate: Texas “Indian” Rock Art; Thunderbird or Turkey?

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 07 2005

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  1. crypto Z says:

    The first thing I asked myself when I saw the picture was, “would anyone depict a turkey like that?” Wouldn’t they draw it a bit more turkey-ish if that is what they were going for? Also, what about the fact that the men, the horses, and the buffalo on the left were all drawn to one scale. Wouldn’t someone continue with that scale when drawing a normal turkey?

    As an artist and designer I can certainly say that if I was depicting a normal turkey, I would draw a much smaller creature. And certainly not make it look like the men on horses were running from it. But that is just me.

  2. Administrator says:

    Thanks crypto,

    Plus, the turkeys we’re used to seeing have a little more meat on the bone. I guess this would have been a wild turkey? Just food for thought–the art piece, I mean.

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