Neolithic” Agricultural Community’s Daily Life Shown in Amazing Detail in Dig at Ancient Site

Posted by Chris Parker
Dec 02 2005

KATHIMERINI English Edition

A well-preserved settlement in Kastoria, northern Greece, dating 7,500 years ago illuminates the characteristics of rural life of the times.

By Iota Sykka – Kathimerini

The finds at Avgi in Kastoria are far from common. At a site of 3.5 hectares near the Aghia Triada municipality, a 7,500-year-old rural community has been unearthed.

Rare miniature vessels the size of a ring, nine fine impressive stamps, 20 human and animal-shaped idols, two bone flutes, ornaments made from shell, amber and malachite, stone tools, bones and horns as well as extremely well-preserved and technically advanced construction remains are just some of the finds discovered.

The hundreds of finds together constitute a historical archive of a little-known prehistoric period in Greece and the Balkans — the Neolithic period (7000-4000 BC).

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