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Neolithic” Agricultural Community’s Daily Life Shown in Amazing Detail in Dig at Ancient Site

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Dec 02 2005

KATHIMERINI English Edition

A well-preserved settlement in Kastoria, northern Greece, dating 7,500 years ago illuminates the characteristics of rural life of the times.

By Iota Sykka – Kathimerini

The finds at Avgi in Kastoria are far from common. At a site of 3.5 hectares near the Aghia Triada municipality, a 7,500-year-old rural community has been unearthed.

Rare miniature vessels the size of a ring, nine fine impressive stamps, 20 human and animal-shaped idols, two bone flutes, ornaments made from shell, amber and malachite, stone tools, bones and horns as well as extremely well-preserved and technically advanced construction remains are just some of the finds discovered.

The hundreds of finds together constitute a historical archive of a little-known prehistoric period in Greece and the Balkans — the Neolithic period (7000-4000 BC).

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Dec 02 2005

“I am a Christian, but also an anthropologist; and I’m sorry, but many of the statements of this webpage are half-truths or flat out wrong. I’m not aiming to disprove creationism: I think science and God can co-exist – but please take everything you hear on this site as an opinion and not a historical truth.

There never was a race of giants”……Andrew Thank you for your note.

I can think of few more awkward juxtapositions, than that of Christian and anthropologist, especially in terms of having an “academic” career as such–Christian anthropologist. I’m sure many do carry it off because it’s not easy to be a Christian anything, these days.

The textbook pictured at left, is of a current anthropological textbook; “Biological Anthropology”. As a Christian I would like to issue the following warning concerning it as well as other “scientific” textbooks which accept the evolutionary/materialistic paradigm.

“Many of the statements of this webpage Textbook are half-truths or flat out wrong”

I wonder if Andrew, as a Christian can agree with that? I hope so.

Still, let us make one thing perfectly clear; The Bible is the only infallible source of truth!

Please understand what is; it is a search for evidence scientific or otherwise which supports the Bible.

Many of the articles on the site are themselves from scientific sources; or newspaper accounts, eyewitness accounts etc. Very rarely are we the direct source of any information, so just as information in the New York Times, or Scientific American must be taken with a grain of salt, so should information on this site.

All of it is subject to correction, revision or reevaluation or revisionism ”here we speak of the New York Times and Scientific American. In science no phrase is as used as often as “scientists had previously thought”.

If you are a Christian wondering if dinosaurs did in fact live with humans as Genesis teaches, we may have information from various sources of varying credibility for you to consider.

Were there in fact, biblical giants? Not if your only source of information is going to be “Biological Anthropology”. But there may be newspaper accounts of such, old scientific articles, old photos which might tend to support the idea that they did exist.

So, yes, you should view all material on this site with one eyebrow raised. You should take it all with a grain of salt. We do worry that people visitng this site will take anything here as gospel–other than the Gospel.

The Bible is the inspired word of God. Conversely, many would say that, which really is one Christian guys own curiosity and resulting list of favorites–is Un-Inspired

Andrew, for one says that there was no “race of giants”. We. however, setting aside anything on this site –believe that there were “giants in those days”, because we believe that the Bible is true–without apology.

Let God be true–and every man a liar! Romans 3:4