Mystery Creature Call Re: A Very Large “Flying Creature”

Posted by Chris Parker
Nov 26 2005

First published on Friday 04 November 2005:
Penarth Times

(Photo: A Penarth Garden–not the Penarth Garden)

A WOMAN from Penarth claims she has been too frightened to go into her garden for a week after spotting an unusual creature spread across the wall.

The lady, who does not wish to be named, contacted the Penarth Times after reading the letter entitled ‘Mystery cat’ in last week’s edition (October 27).

But she does not think that the creature she saw in her Purcell Road garden was a cat.

“Whatever it was, was lying spread over the wall, like a bird,’ she said.

“I was sitting in my garden in a chair when I saw it. I went to get a closer look, but it must have seen me coming.
“The next thing I heard was a rustling and it seemed it was trying to climb over my next door neighbour’s garden.
“I have been here all my life and I have never been so frightened.”

The lady described the creature as being the length of the Penarth Times office front window – several metres (9 to 10 feet).

She also said she believed it may have escaped from somewhere, and added: ‘I hope that whatever it was doesn’t get in through people’s windows or into a baby’s pram.”

*Have you had any sightings of strange bird-like or cat-like creatures? If so, please let the Penarth Times know by phoning 02920 707234.

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