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The First “Crisis in Cosmology” Conference, Held in Moncao, Portugal, June 23 – 25, 2005

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Nov 21 2005

by Hilton Ratcliffe

In May 2004, a group of about 30 concerned scientists published an open letter to the global scientific community in New Scientist in which they protested the stranglehold of Big Bang theory on cosmological research and funding.

The letter was placed on the Internet Here and rapidly attracted wide attention.

It currently has about 300 signatories representing scientists and researchers of disparate backgrounds, and has led to a loose association now known as the Alternative Cosmology Group.

The author was one of the early signatories to the letter, and holding the view that the Big Bang explanation of the Universe is scientifically untenable, patently illogical, and without any solid observational support whatsoever, became involved in the organisation of an international forum where we could share ideas and plan our way forward.

…..What impressed me most was that the clear empirical basis of MOND has been thoroughly tested, and is now in daily use by professional astronomers at what is arguably the most sophisticated and advanced optical-infrared observatory in the world.

In practice, there is no need to invoke dark matter.

Quote from Riccardo: “Dark matter is the craziest idea we’ve ever had in astronomy. It can appear when you need it, it can do what you like, be distributed in any way you like. It is the fairy tale of astronomy”.

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