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“Giant Ape” Co-Existed Alongside Humans 100,000 Years Ago, Researcher Finds

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Nov 08 2005

We first introduced “Gigantopithecus” on the first page of our section on giants . It is generally believed by most scientists today that Gigantopithecus was a Giant ape. However one of the original discoverers was convinced that the giant teeth were from a large human being.

“Weidenreich, who had retreated from Beijing to the American Museum of Natural History in New York, set about studying plaster casts of the four teeth. Because of the unusually large size of a few of the Homo erectus specimens from Java, Weidenreich came up with the notion that there had been a period of gigantism in human evolution, and that modern humans were the diminutive descendants of these giants.”

In this new article, a scientist finds that rather than having died out millions or a million years ago, it lived much more recently.

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