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Proof of Divine Authorship of Genesis..of the Bible?

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Nov 04 2005

Here at, we make no claim for the legitimacy of a Code in Genesis. However, it is rare that you see a “proof” of God vouched for in scientific journals.

The ancient Hebrew had no vowels and its 22 letters also represented numbers. The words were placed on the page without punctuation. What a perfect setup that would be for implanting a code. A code that humans were really only going to be able to see once technology reached a particular stage.

Hidden Messages in Genesis? Science Frontiers Online : Some can find cryptic meanings in the works of Nostradamus, others see messages in crop circles. Forget those sources! A better one has been around for millennia.

Three researchers at the Jerusalem College of Technology and the Hebrew University have analyzed the text of Genesis using an analytical technique that can only be called “inspired”.

“By treating the text as an unbroken string of letters, and selecting sequences of equally spaced letters, three mathematicians discovered 300 hidden pairs of Hebrew words with related meanings in close proximity to one another.

“The odds of the words occurring by chance? Less than one in 50 quadrillion, according to an article by Jeffrey Satinover in the October issue of Bible Review.”

Satinover is a psychiatrist and lecturer on the relationship between science and religion. He commented: “I guess the bottom line is, if the research holds up and no flaw is found in the methodology, then I think the implication is clear that the authorship of Genesis is not human.”

……”The authors submitted a subsequent paper to the referreed journal Statistical Science (such review journals generally represent the pinnacle of scientific publishing), where, not surprisingly, it met with considerable skepticism–but also with admirable scientific objectivity.

The reviewers insisted on a somewhat larger-than-usual number of challenges and revisions, but in the end, they published it. In the words of Robert Kass, the journal editor:

Our referees were baffled: their prior beliefs made them think the Book of Genesis could not possibly contain meaningful references to modern day individuals, yet when the authors carried out additional analyses and checks the effect persisted.

The paper is thus offered to Statistical Science readers as a challenging puzzle”.

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