Giant Sea-bed Pockmarks

Posted by Chris Parker
Nov 02 2005

“Unrecognized until just a few years ago sea-bed pockmarks are remarkable geological features.

They occur worldwide on the floors of all of the oceans and even some lakes. They are found in shallow waters and at depths of thousands of meters. In diameter, these roughly conical depressions may span 350 meters or more and be up to 35 meters deep.”

“These pockmarks are thought to have formed (1) catastrophically during an earthquake, tsunami, or storm, or (2) slowly over thousands of years.”

“The quantity of buried organic matter required to create all the offshore methane is staggering. Where did it all come from and how did it come to be buried at such great depths?”…ScienceFrontiers Online

Oh. Are you asking us…? Vast quantities of buried organic matter? Hmmmm

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