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Poverty Point National Monument & Archaeologists Identify Oldest Existing Mound Complex In New World

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Nov 01 2005

Why would anyone build mounds of earth 7 miles long?

In the case of Poverty Point, in northeastern Louisiana, no one knows for sure. In some states, like Ohio, Native American people built mounds as burial places.

Archaeologists suspect that the mounds at Poverty Point served as sites for dwellings, but they are not certain. Native American culture in the Poverty Point area began almost 4,000 years ago, and the mounds were built between 1350 and 1800 B.C.

The mounds are six giant half-circles in the shape of a bull’s-eye, almost three-fourths of a mile wide. If you straightened out the six mounds and laid them out end-to-end, they would stretch for 7 miles.
Archaeologists believe the 37-acre central plaza formed by the mounds may have been used for religious and other public ceremonies.

Although archaeologists have not found any articles of clothing from these ancient people, they have found jewelry. The great variety of this jewelry, from simple to elaborate, indicates that social status was important in the Poverty Point community.

Overall, Poverty Point presents evidence that ancient Americans lived in sophisticated communities. Even so, this does not help to solve the mystery of exactly what these mounds were.
Do you have any other ideas? ….. Library of Congress

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One of the Oldest Beads Ever Found in the United States.

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Nov 01 2005


Estimated by the experts to be at least
11,000 YEARS Old.

“ This stone tiny bone or ivory bead was found stuck to a stone flake during excavation of the Shifting Sand site in Texas. It represents one of the oldest beads ever found in the United States.” .. DEPT. OF ANTHROPOLOGY– UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS COLL.

Why so small? What ancient society had the leisure time, the eyesight and the skill to construct beads of this size?

Who had the patience to string them?