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Big Bird Sighted by Odin Family

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Oct 29 2005

“It was the biggest bird I have ever seen. I saw some buzzards several weeks ago and there was no comparison in size. We have a boat down by the pond that is 16 feet long, and I would say the wingspan of the bird was 14 feet”, she said.

The bird was approximately 300 to 400 feet from us and it flew over the pond and lifted up high in a tree. It stayed there five to 10 minutes. I got a good look at it through my binoculars. It looked like it was about four feet tall.

“It looked like a prehistoric bird. It was really fantastic,” Mrs. Chappell said. “The head didn’t have any feathers and it had a long neck, crooked, kind of S shaped. The body was covered with feathers and was grey or charcoal colored. We couldn’t tell much about the feet, but it had long legs.

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