Catholic Church No Longer Swears by Truth of the Bible

Posted by Chris Parker
Oct 06 2005

The Times: October 05, 2005


THE hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church has published a teaching document instructing the faithful that some parts of the Bible are not actually true.

…..They say the Church must offer the gospel in ways “appropriate to changing times, intelligible and attractive to our contemporaries”.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave lee says:

    have found an interesting web page which tell of the story of ithica being found so homer was right after all point being, we need to trust in older documents including the Bible
    ps love the site always logging on and loolking at it

  2. Teresa says:

    Interesting train of thought there Les… and if you take it a step further, why not point out that both science and religion are trying to prove the same things only in different ways…

    The Bible is simply a collection of stories gathered and written down by men over the ages after Christ’s death. There are no known articles in the Bible that I am aware of that date from the time of his life or before that are included in the book. Therefore, what I think the church means with their statement is that although the message is still the same, they just need to start teaching it in a way that modern men can accept and relate to their own lives instead of those of an ancient people that most of them know very little to nothing about.

    The Bible is an amazing teaching tool and historical reference, but should not be taken as a literal interpretation of historical fact. I have posted replies in other areas of the board and made known that I am not a Christian, nor any other religion, but I am also not an Atheist. I simply disagree with “organized religion”. I don’t feel any man alive can honestly claim to know who or what power is out there, be it God or some other force, or what its intentions are. So what you read should be interpreted by the reader to best fit the situations in their lives that they are facing, and using them for a guideline on the right way to handle these issues.

    In the time this book was written, men were extremely primitive still (so far as we know) and would not have adequate scientific facts to draw on in a given situation that they may not understand. Take for example… the UFO connection. How would ancient men have described such a thing? As a chariot of fire that came down from the sky (heavens) and out of which stepped another life form. Surely this being must have been sent by God since it came from the heavens and therefore must be one of the heavenly host. Nowadays we would simply say I don’t know what it was… a UFO or something that an alien climbed out of!…. big difference…

    Anywho… I will exit my soapbox at this juncture and leave you all to mull that one over for a while :)


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