The Black Sea Mystery Plate

Posted by Chris Parker
Oct 05 2005

“In a nearby “pit” six men were beside the door, 63 female skeletons were in regular rows across the floor. Each body lay on its side, hands cupped toward the face, knees slightly bent.

One row of heads rested upon the legs of the other. No signs of violence. Again, Woolley’s findings at this particular level indicate a sudden gassing of the victims most probably associated with events associated with The Flood.

Thus, as the Euphrates River overflowed it was met by other Flood waters that limited the splay. The sudden deaths by gaseous emissions, the immediate covering of the site with earth, and the later occupation of the site by others obviously unawares of what existed beneath…all tend to correlate well with events related with The Flood. ”

…….”Similarly, the stone bowl/plate recovered from the Black Sea bottom near Varna, Bulgaria is undoubtedly of pre-flood origin. This mystery plate was found on the 16th of July 1985 at the bottom of the Black Sea during a joint Bulgarian-Soviet research dive in the underwater habitable vehicle (UHV) “Argus.” This mystery plate is made of sandstone, with almost ideal symmetry, and jagged at one end.”

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