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Oct 05 2005

Malta’s Prehistoric Genius by Dr. Joseph S. Ellul

…..”By the term “pre-historic” I am referring to the period before the Biblical Flood which covered the lands surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This flood has left its stigma in the surrounding areas as a layer of virgin silt with evidence of other civilizations below the silt.”

….”Therefore, I conclude that the Temple of Hagar Qim was constructed before the Biblical Flood and that the flood was caused by the abrupt opening of the high-towering land-ridge that formerly linked Gibraltar with Tangier, permitting the waters of the Atlantic Ocean to rush into the Mediterranean depression, some 6,000 feet below. ”

…..”Besides the silt, there is also evidence of an enormous wave of water coming directly from the West and throwing huge blocks of stone towards the East. A careful examination of the stone ruins of the Temple at Hagar Qim on Malta reveals how huge stone building-blocks have been lifted up and thrown against the tops of other stones in the building.”


……”Malta, an island in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, is studded with Megalithic temples of the Neolithic era. ”

…..”The most important of these are Hagar Qim, Mnajdra, Ä gantija and Tarxien. (Ä gantija lies on the sister island of Gozo.) All these temples had to be excavated from the debris that had fallen on them from their own superstructure.”

……”This fact reveals that when the temple crumbled, it was under water for some time, so that the mortar had time to dissolve, settle down under water, and then, when dry again, become hard and subsequently petrified. Had the mortar not fallen under water it would have crumbled into dust and remained so, without sticking to anything.

All this is proof that, when Hagar Qim and its contemporaneous temples were destroyed, they yielded to some enormous watery wave that came from the West and then remained covering the land for a long period. What was the origin of this gigantic inundation in the days of Hagar Qim?”

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