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Why Darwinian Evolution Is Flatly Impossible

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Oct 02 2005

by Lloyd Pye

“No matter how high evidence was stacked up against evolution in the past, Darwinists could always slip through the “…it COULD have happened…” loophole.

As long as genetic mutations and slight physical changes (microevolution) were evident, interspecies transitions (macroevolution) had to be accepted as at least plausible. Not any more.

In five brief pages, this article closes the Darwinian loophole, and evolutionary science will never be the same! …-David Summers, Publisher/Editor

…..”That is an ironic reality which few modern Darwinists will accept in their own hearts and minds, much less advertise to the world in general.

“So they supply the media with intellectual swill that the media, in turn, unknowingly palms off as truth, while the scientists edgily cross their fingers and hold their breath in the hope that someday, maybe even someday soon, but certainly before the great unwashed get wise to the scam, they will finally figure out the great secret…they will see into the heart of the universe’s blackest box…they will understand how life actually works, from the first moment of the first creation to evolution itself. “………Pye

Lloyd Pye is not a Christian. Instead, he believes life was planted here by alien intelligences. We think that criticism of the Darwinian Paradigm by a non-Christian source is interesting. Still, the truth is, we think this particular critique would be of interest no matter who wrote it.

Lloyd Pye graduated with a B.S. in psychology. He joined the U.S. Army and became an agent for military intelligence. During this time, Mr. Pye began an independent study of human evolution. At age 30, his studies led him to conclude humans could not possibly have evolved on Earth according to the Darwinian paradigm. He is a lecturer and Author, primarily at “alternative” venues.

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