The” Hessa Serpent” Sighting

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 28 2005

Arnt Helge Molvaer had gone for a walk along the fjord. Then he saw a strange creature coming from the left, swimming 200 meters off and parallell to the shore line.

He described it like this: it was 75 to 95 feet long and 4.5 feet across, and tapering towards both ends.

….Carrion eating: After passing Molvær the animal detected the whale carcass and dragged it further away from the shore, “at quite a speed”, Molvær said. He was astonished at its strength and agility.

This feat is remarkable; never being observed before by anyone…

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  1. crypto Z says:

    Sigh… too bad the video footage is not accessable… hmmm. I may have to look around for it on the net.

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