Nitschke Effigy Mounds

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 27 2005

The well-known and documented Nitschke Mounds are comprised of 2 mound groupings with a total of 62 effigy, conical and linear mounds. Forty-six of these mounds were identified in the northern group – located on the now County-owned property.

Here at, we never hesitate to step in and help out whenever we see an opportunity. Here, we offer our inexpert alternative solution to to mystery of one of the the giant ancient effigy mounds there in Wisconsin.

You’re welcome!

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2 Responses

  1. crypto Z says:

    Yes, I like your alternative thought on what the Panther mound may represent. I guess they think the long part on the left would be a tail… hmmmm… but then again perhaps it is a neck…
    Actually, it really looks like they need help on the Turtle one as well. I don’t know in what way that mound resembles a turtle. It looks a little bit like an old electric guitar. Maybe those circles are the chord positions.

  2. Siaarn says:

    To me it looks like a monkey, like, one of those uh.. Tamarins? The ones with the beards, the long part could be it’s tail, the round part at the end could be curled up.

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