Ancient Mayan Pterosaur?

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 23 2005

From the placard describing this object: This object is a Mayan incised lidded bowl, Early “Classic Period”, with ring foot, cylindrical sides, surmounted on the top by a conical-shaped lid with “avial” head as handle.

Here at, we immediately saw the object as something a little more special than just a “bird”. We thought it looked a whole lot like a pterosaur–but–we’re going to, as usual let the photos speak for themselves.

We do think that if you’ve looked through the dinosaurs in literature section this piece has been added to –and still remain unconvinced that dinosaurs and man co-existed, then you are —-extraordinarily hard to convince!

Click here to view the object in more detail

4 Responses

  1. J.T.Davenport says:

    Chris and Jordan ,

    I agree totally with your view point . I was wondering about two things which deal with Dinosaurs . A long while ago it seems that our planet had much more Oxygen in the atmosphere than we have today . I can tell you that if this is true then you could have had much larger creatures living on it .
    The second thought is this , if you had a large world wide population and you needed to feed it ( like we do today ) then you might want to create some giant creatures for food . Let’s say for a moment that we want to genetically engineer our cattle stock in such a way that we end up with bovines and ovines which are two to three times the size they are today . Say cows which are fifteen feet long and nine feet tall at the shoulder !! And SHEEP that are eight feet long and five feet tall at the shoulder !! Think about that !! O.K. how about fish and shrimp which are more than three timnes their current size ??!! How many people could you feed then ?? ( Personally , I DO NOT want to even think about eight foot tall CHICKENS !!
    Or , TURKEYS for that matter !! ) LOL ! But , seriously , it could be done . You’d get much more meat from them and much more wool from the sheep and leather from the cattle .
    I guess you’d start something of a sensation in the EGG business , now wouldn’t you !!! LOLOL !! ———— with respect , J.T.Davenport

  2. Matt says:

    As a comment to Jordan, I don’t see how an abundance in oxygen would produce larger creatues. Areas with dense tree growth will have higher oxygen levels, because of the by products of photosynthesis. Taking a look at areas such as the Amazon Basin, how many large species are there?

    As for the Pterosaurs piece, I wouldn’t find it uncommon for many cultures to share similar images of it. Also considering that there is strong evidence that China had visited, and educated parts of South America before the Spanish ever arrived. What can be said the artwork if the Pterosaurs was an image brought by outsiders?

  3. anonymous says:

    please note that the “wings” on the bowl have feathers.

  4. Administrator says:

    Dear anonymous. Could be. I wouldn’t call them feathers, however, it’s not easy to identfy from a photo. The size of the neck, feaherless head, “reptilian” ridges around the face and head, the spike out of the back of its head–its general similarity to the comparison–are points in the favor of our i.d..

    One man’s opinion

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