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Researchers Predict Infinite Genomes

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Sep 23 2005

Rockville, MD — Ever since the genomics revolution took off, scientists have been busily deciphering vast numbers of genomes. Cataloging. Analyzing. Comparing. Public databases hold 239 complete bacterial genomes alone.

Photo: Bacillus anthracis. (Image courtesy of Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

But scientists at The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR) have come to a startling conclusion.

Armed with the powerful tools of comparative genomics and mathematics, TIGR scientists have concluded that researchers might never fully describe some bacteria and viruses–because their genomes are infinite.

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Ancient Mayan Pterosaur?

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Sep 23 2005

From the placard describing this object: This object is a Mayan incised lidded bowl, Early “Classic Period”, with ring foot, cylindrical sides, surmounted on the top by a conical-shaped lid with “avial” head as handle.

Here at, we immediately saw the object as something a little more special than just a “bird”. We thought it looked a whole lot like a pterosaur–but–we’re going to, as usual let the photos speak for themselves.

We do think that if you’ve looked through the dinosaurs in literature section this piece has been added to –and still remain unconvinced that dinosaurs and man co-existed, then you are —-extraordinarily hard to convince!

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