Toxodon Depicted on Pre-Columbian,Lambayeque (Peruvian) Whistling Bottle?

Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 16 2005

This whisting bottle is a fine example of the kind of craftsmanship pre-Columbian cultures were able to produce. This double chambered vessel produced musical sounds when someone blew into it. This object is thought to have been produced in Peru between 100 and 300 A.D.

The question is; isn’t that a Taxodon very realistically depicted on the top of the box about to be sacrificed by two snazzily dressed priests? Weren’t they supposed to be extinct thousands or perhaps millions of years before this piece was created. Or is it really the rare fat, short legged, short necked llamas?

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4 Responses

  1. orest says:

    Of course, for anyone not predisposed to faith in darwinism, there is no reason to suppose it isn’t a taxodon. Since that is what it looks like, and there is no reason it couldn’t be, we ought to assume it is.

  2. mike whiting says:

    Wether it is or it isn’t a taxodon I’m not to sure. But my biggest question I have about this piece… What race is the green skined, Big eyed “priests” on the left?

  3. Craig Etheredge says:

    That is no blasted Llama. The work of the piece is outstanding in that we know that there are two people…..and I do not think it’s bad enough that we can’t see that is something OTHER than a Llama. Taxodon it is or close to I, I think…

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