Posted by Chris Parker
Sep 15 2005

And this is what an examination of the archaeological record shows.

Around 4,000 to 5,000 years ago Mohenjodaro and the Indus Valley were in full bloom; the megaliths of Britain and the great pyramids in Caral, Peru, and Giza were newly constructed; the ziggurats, gardens, dams and great water systems of Mesopotamia were fully functioning.

A vast agricultural civilization also existed within the Amazon and much of the Americas, and the amazing fifty-ton, carved architectural columns of Gobekli, Turkey , were already 5,000 years old! …Phenomena Magazine

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2 Responses

  1. Humaira Khan says:

    Excuse me, but it is PAKISTAN’s Indus civilisation, not India’s Indus civilisaiton as mentioned in your article. You seem to be 61 years out of date with the geography of South Asia (Pakistan was created in 1947 and areas where Indus civilisation thrived now lie in Pakistan !!!)

  2. Administrator says:

    Dear Humaira Khan,

    It was TIME EUROPE in their article of Dec 6, 1999 written by Maryann Bird who suggested that the Indus civilization belonged to India rather than Pakistan.

    My quick research would confirm that 75% to 80% of the Indus Valley civilization is located in “present day Pakistan”, including the two major, hub and twin cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa.

    I confess that I assumed that there was some nexus between the names India and Indus; no? Are you in any case satisfied with the explanation that the Indus Civilization is located in “modern day Pakistan”?

    In any case, I assure you that no offense is or was intended and that we will ask you to understand that our knowledge is no doubt of of date.

    take care

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