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No, We’re Not Buying It

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Sep 14 2005

Source: Ebay Auction
EBay: Description (revised)

“Another recently acquired artifact proving that unknown creatures still exist ! This is the head of a yet to be classified sea creature. Is this the missing evolutionary link between man and fish ? The skin of this head is some type of fish skin with scales. Strange fins adorn the sides and top of the head.

The eyes seem to glow with a greenish light. If you look through the neck opening you can see the skull of the creature. This auction is not a joke …the winner will receive the Sea Monster head shown in the photos below. This head is life sized, 11 inches tall. Preserved and made oderless.Could this be the head of a Mermaid ? Deserves serious scientific study.

Payment must be made by Postal Money order only. Postage fee includes special packing & insurance. Thank you and good luck.