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Lake Monsters” Reportedly Photographed in Quebec and at Lake Champlain …

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Sep 07 2005

Fishermen’s Observation Re-stirs Champ Debate

Published: Thursday, August 18, 2005
By Matt Crawford
Burlington Free Press Staff Writer

CHARLOTTE — It’s a flat, dead-calm summer evening on Lake Champlain, the kind of night when the water’s surface looks like a gigantic mirror. Vermonters Dick Affolter and Pete Bodette, Affolter’s 34-year-old stepson, are fishing for salmon just west of the mouth of the Ausable River on the New York side of the lake.

They’re in Bodette’s boat — a 21-foot Bayliner Trophy — and as the two experienced fishermen begin putting their lines in the water, they notice something on the surface, out some distance from them.

It’s Monday night, July 11, and no other boats are in the area. At first, Affolter, a retired Essex attorney, thinks he’s looking at a floating railroad tie. No, he realizes, it’s too long. Maybe it’s a tree trunk.

Then it moves, in a serpentine manner, they say, leaving a sizable wake…

Second Story: Above Photo; News Staff

A Quebec innkeeper claims to have picture proof that the legendary monster of Lake Massawippi exists.

Although it doesn’t enjoy the status of Ogopogo — the country’s most famous water monster said to inhabit Lake Okanagan in the south central B.C. interior — “Whippy” has been alive in local monster folklore.

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