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Caddy; The Well Documented, Cadboro Bay Sea Serpent

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Aug 04 2005

Despite the fact that Caddy has resisted capture, more than enough evidence suggests that the creature does exist. The number of sightings tends to prove his existence, and the list of people who have spotted him include civic dignitaries and respected citizens.

In August 1932, F.W. Kemp, an official at the Provincial Library of Victoria, saw the beast; in October of the following year, Major W.H. Langley, a clerk of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly and a well-known barrister and amature marine biologist, also glimpsed the creature.

Judge James Thomas Brown, who had spent over thirty years as the highly respected Chief Justice of the King’s Bench in Saskatchewan, observed Caddy from a distance of less than 150 yards.

A Number of photos of Caddy exist:

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Stegosaurus Depiction at Angkor Wat

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Aug 04 2005

The stegosaurus is a dinosaur that “science” says has been extinct for at least 140 million years.

Angkor Wat was established by the Khmer after 800 A.D., and abandoned 400 to 500 years ago. Among all the depictions of animals at the temple, how is that they chiseled out such a clear depiction of the stegosaurus?

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