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Next Week, Vegetarians Come Out Against Eating Meat

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Jul 27 2005

Doubting Darwinism
One of the Pope’s closest Cardinals is creating something of a row

Time Europe

Sunday, Jul. 24, 2005
Why is an Austrian cardinal stirring up the evolution-vs.-creationism argument in the U.S.? In part, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn says, to spark debate in an increasingly secular Europe. Earlier this month, the influential Archbishop of Vienna — who is as close as any Cardinal to Pope Benedict XVI — wrote an editorial in the New York Times lambasting what he calls “Neo-Darwinian dogma,” and suggesting that the Roman Catholic Church isn’t necessarily convinced that evolution is true.

“Evolution in the sense of common ancestry might be true, but evolution in the Neo-Darwinian sense — an unguided process of random variation and natural selection — is not,” Schönborn wrote. Some Catholics see this as a perilous reversal of Pope John Paul II’s 1996 declaration that evolution was “more than a hypothesis.” The 60-year-old Cardinal told Time that his aim is to clarify misinterpretations of John Paul’s stance, and counter those who use Darwin to explain everything. “I believe in dogmas of faith but I don’t believe in dogmas of science,” he said.

Schönborn said he is particularly pleased that reports of his essay have been picked up by the European press: “The discussions in the United States on bioethics are much more serious and open than our European debate. Confronting the evolution question is not just small talk for a dinner party.” And his opinions matter; Schönborn is a member of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the body Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger presided over for 24 years before being elected Pope in April.

A onetime Ratzinger student, Schönborn said his mentor had encouraged him last year to speak out on evolution. Though the two haven’t discussed the subject since Ratzinger became Pope, Schönborn believes the Pontiff wants these issues publicized. Given a Europe the Austrian describes as “Christphobic,” however, convincing even the faithful to doubt Darwin may be a policy that needs time to evolve.

Ogie makes National Geographic

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Jul 27 2005

By J.P. SQUIRE The Daily Courier

Ogopogo reports haven’t surfaced since mid-May, but the existence of something big in the lake might be confirmed in a National Geographic special Aug. 1. Forensic investigator Joe Nickol and his buddy, Ben Redford, came to the Okanagan Feb. 4-6 and used a surveying crew after examining the first ­ and some of the best ­ film footage of something in Okanagan Lake

The crew used survey quadrants to determine there was something 40-60 feet long 300 feet offshore on that 1968 film, said Arlene Gaal, Kelowna Ogopogo expert and the author of several books on the creature

“They concluded there was a large unknown animal in the lake, moving at a good speed, pushing water ahead of it. It was nice to get those assurances,” she said

The program, called Is It Real?, will focus on sea and lake creatures. The two men, who have co-written a number of books, assume the roles of believer and non-believer

“It was probably one of the more interesting shoots we’ve had due to the personalities involved,” said Gaal

Another film crew is expected to arrive in the Okanagan in early August to do a show on Ogopogo for B.C. Experience, a new display that is taking over a renovated Crystal Gardens in Victoria

The last reported sighting of Ogopogo was at 5 p.m. on May 17 when Rob Casorso was working in an orchard and saw a huge object in calm water in front of Manteo Beach Resort on Lakeshore Road

The object was thrashing around; a boater passing by appeared to see it and moved in quite close, said Gaal

Something “leaped up, quickly sprang out of the water” and the boater backed off as the object disappeared

By coincidence, John Casorso, Rob’s brother, had earlier seen something strange in Okanagan Lake opposite The Grand hotel in downtown Kelowna

On Aug. 24, 2004, an Edmonton resident filmed what appeared to be a fin coming out of the water in the same area

On May 10 this year, a Peachland couple, both seniors, also saw something. “The neat thing is the husband was a non-believer until he saw an object off Beach Avenue,” said Gaal

No sightings have been reported since those two in May, but as soon as local news outlets report anything on Ogopogo, she usually gets several calls from people who believe they’ve also recently seen something unusual.