Noah’s Ark: Simmons-Arslan Noah’s Ark Frames; JPEG of the Champlain Elasmosaur/Plesiosaur Animals

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 20 2005

by Clifford Paiva, Missile Defense Physicist

This page contains photo analyses by Clifford Paiva, Phd on two topics; Proposed Noah’s Ark Satellite photo site and the large, unknown aquatic animals filmed in Lake Champlain (Champ). Previously, Dr.Paiva had completed an analysis of large, unknown aquatic animals filmed in SF Bay.

A television special by National Geographic: “Lake and Sea Monsters” which discusses the SF Bay and other sightings, focuses on the Clark Brother’s video as well as Paiva’s analysis is scheduled to premier in the U.S. August 1, 2005 at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel.

To Read the Article and View the Photo Analysis, Click Here

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