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Noah’s Ark: Simmons-Arslan Noah’s Ark Frames; JPEG of the Champlain Elasmosaur/Plesiosaur Animals

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Jul 20 2005

by Clifford Paiva, Missile Defense Physicist

This page contains photo analyses by Clifford Paiva, Phd on two topics; Proposed Noah’s Ark Satellite photo site and the large, unknown aquatic animals filmed in Lake Champlain (Champ). Previously, Dr.Paiva had completed an analysis of large, unknown aquatic animals filmed in SF Bay.

A television special by National Geographic: “Lake and Sea Monsters” which discusses the SF Bay and other sightings, focuses on the Clark Brother’s video as well as Paiva’s analysis is scheduled to premier in the U.S. August 1, 2005 at 8 pm on the National Geographic Channel.

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Ancient Aryan Civilization Achieved Incredible Technological Progress 40 Centuries Ago

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Jul 20 2005

President Putin has recently visited one of the most mysterious places on planet Earth – the ruins of the ancient town of Arkaim, which is situated on the outskirts of the city of Chelyabinsk. Historians, archaeologists and ufologists have spent many years trying to unravel the secrets of the town. Which nation was living in Arkaim more than 40 centuries ago?

How did people of such ancient civilization manage to accomplish such incredible technological progress, which still seems to be unachievable today?

The Arkaim valley in the south of Ural was supposed to be flooded in 1987: local authorities were going to create a water reservoir there to irrigate drought stricken fields. However, scientists found strange “circles” in the center of the valley and in order to investigate them, the authorities gave archaeologists 12 months to explore the area.

Scientists were shocked to find out that Arkaim was the same age as Egypt and Babylon, and a little older than Troy and Rome.

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New Cuba Underwater City Expedition

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Jul 20 2005

The Russian-Canadian oceanographer Paulina Zelitsky reveals that likely, next autumn, between October and November, she will lead a new expedition, from the Port of Progress, to finish the work that could not be concluded last year at the suspected site of a lost underwater city near Cuba; to map the area and to make a hi-resolution film of the location.

National Geographic will finance most of the trip. For several months the team has been readying a specially equipped ship in Canada for the expedition.

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