“Living Fossils” Sound Death Knell for “Geological Column”

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 19 2005

by Dr. David Livingston

(Photo: COELACANTH–Accomplished Nothing for millions of years? Didn’t want to get evolved?!)

“Evidence in science is the “name of the game.” That is, if one has solid evidence backing his statements, they are likely true and he should be believed. Concerning the so-called Geological Column or geological time-scale, there is solid evidence (and lots of it) that there is no such thing as a geological column.

It is a fantasy “discovered” by amateurs 200 years ago and held onto by well-meaning professional geologists ever since.

Two of the amateurs were: William Smith (a civil engineer and surveyor) and James Hutton (an agriculturist). They noticed that in sedimentary layers found almost everywhere there has been uplifting. They guessed (rightly) that the deeper one goes in examining the strata, the older the layers are. What they did wrongly was to assign dates to the layers. They had absolutely no calibrated time scale to use in assigning dates. Dates were selected at random…….

……….Continuing, we want now to examine evidence which doesn’t just cripple the concept of a geological column — but rather DESTROYS it!”

What is this which can destroy a “fact” of science so necessary to evolution?

It is “Living Fossils.” They eliminate “index fossils” which are used to date geological layers.

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