The Moray Amphitheater Complex

Posted by Chris Parker
Jul 12 2005

(2,500 B.C.) What we find interesting (among other things) is the familiar confusion among academics concerning this ancient complex. So much earth had to be moved by supposedly ancient primitives that various theories have been put forth to explain; ie. meteor impact craters, natural sink holes etc.

The use for the complex is also in dispute; a stadium with perfect acoustics that could seat 260,000; a religious complex; an agricultural research station….

“Only 38 km from Cuzco, or half an hour by car, there is a mysterious place known as “the four circular terraces of Moray”, that gives the appearance of huge “fingerprints” embedded in a barren landscape, at 3,500 meters above sea level.

Moray, used for adapting plants to hostile climatic conditions, was one more instance of the extremely high level of agricultural expertise achieved by the Incas.

This was an agricultural research facility consisting of immense conical depressions, some 45 to 88m in diameter, cut into the limestone, where different climatic conditions were obtained according to terrace depth.

The terraces of this famous “sunken amphitheater” resembling an artificial crater, were built with containment walls and then filled with fertile earth and irrigated using complex irrigation systems. Thus, the graduated thermal variance between the surface and the bottom of the natural depressions was used to adapt different varieties of plants (over 250 vegetable species) on each terrace.

It is thought that the Incas used the experience obtained through their experiments with this type of “greenhouse” to organize the agricultural production of the whole of Tawantinsuyo. ”

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  1. Administrator says:

    Dear SPECTRE,

    As you know, this is not a new discovery, its been known about for years. Perhaps at a prior time there was concentrated scientific study and articles written. However, we have not been able to find anything in the kind of detail you’re asking about.

    On the internet, info tends to get repeated over and over and its difficult to find original sources. We think that this complex is truly an enigma–with implications that might make current pardigmers a little uncomfortable-and thus actual research is little and far between.

    One artilce we’ve excerpted does mention a date of 2,500 B.C. but as to how that date was arrived at…..

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