Theory on How Pyramid Blocks Were Moved

Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 30 2005

Lifting a 50 ton block (even a 10 ton block) is not only incomprehenc eable, but frankly impossible. And yet, the pyramids and temples exist. What if instead of roling, pushing, or carrying the blocks, you were able to levitate them? Easier said than done right? What about using the reverse polarization of magnets?

Now, I dont know of any magnet strong enough to lift a 50 ton block, but if you were able to pass an electric current through it, it has been known to dramatically increase the strength of the magnet possibly making it strong enough to support the heavy weight.

Attached is an “example” of what things might have looked like. There are many many different variables on the actual apparatus used. Is it really so hard to believe that they may have had a great source of electricity if they possibly had nuclear power as your site suggests?

I know I am at risk of sounding off the wall, and it wouldnt be the first time. I once heard a saying…”If you truely thought outside the box…there would be no box.” Why limit our thinking to only what we have in this day and age? For all we know, they may have unlocked the secrets to AntiGravity and used that to transport blocks.

Have you ever heard of the Chinese disks? The ones that have circular engraving on them. These were said to be some sort of ancient “record” device similar to our record players from the 60′s, but scientists are having been rethinking their theories when a satellite recorded one of these disks floating in orbit around the earth…the engravings were resonating light and it was moving on its own accord as if powered by something.

So many theories, so many mysteries. Regardless of whether I am right or wrong, the pyramids were built somehow and and no amount of manual lifting would have been able to budge a 50 ton block let alone transport it to the building site. I have a large scale theory about magnatism and the use of it in ancient days. My apologies, I am not a writer nor am I a professional scientist. I am simply a free thinker with a passion for ancient unexplained mysteries.

P.S. I used a sort of trypod type constraint on the aparatus simply for the fact that there was a man who lived in the early 1900′s (Leedskalnin) who had claimed he solved the mystery of the pyramids. In secret, he built an entire castle by himself in memory of his fiance who had passed away.

There were 5-10 ton stone chairs in the courtyard, and the 50 ton gate was ballanced so perfectly on pins that a child was able to push it open. Many years later (mid 1980′s) after his passing, a massive earthquake knocked the gate off its access. With all of our modern technology, they could not put the gate back up the way it was before. They ended up leaving it open permanently.

The reason I mention this story is because he must have had some knowlege of how the pyramids were actually built, and in the cellar of the castle they found trypods and platforms that must have been used. It is still a mystery today how the small man of 5′ 2″ was able to build an entire castle by himself in his 1 lifetime. Kinda makes you think…

I hope my theories spark some creative ideas that may one day solve the mysteries of the pyramids.

Thank you,


CLICK HERE to Read About Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle”

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  1. SPECTRE says:

    Dear ,

    Ok , here’s something intelligent which could have been done IF what has been discovered is TRUE .
    The ancients had BATTERIES and , they had advanced scientific knowledge . They either were given this by someone else or , they developed it on their own Either way they had it .
    So , since they did have batteries and they knew about electricity ( the image of a cathode ray tube on an egyptian wall ) then why can’t everyone make a simple step foreward or , am I the only one here who understands this ?? Here’s what I believe they did and , it’s utterly simple .
    They either made HOT AIR BALLOONS or , they built DIRIGIBLES !!
    With one of the latest DIRIGIBLES built by the ZEPPLIN company , you can LIFT 150 TONS !! Or , three of those pryamid stones at one time .
    Stop and think , why haven’t you found any trace of a DIRIGIBLE you might ask … well , just how much of the HINDENBURG was left after the fire ??!!! S.

  2. JoeJMz says:

    Have not visited your site, so this question may be answered there, but what about inertia?

    A 50-ton block would have an incredible amount of inertia that would have to be overcome. Even magnetic levitation does not negate inertia. Sure you have lifted the 50-ton block from the ground (a mean feat in itself), but now how do you get it to move? How do you stop it?

    And frankly, as amazing as moving a 50-ton block is, let’s not forget that these blocks are so finely woked that they fit so closely together you can’t even put a piece of paper between them.

  3. Adam says:

    That is a very good possibility and does make sense. There would be plenty of room availible to build and float these balloons in Egypt since there is not an over abundance of trees, and like you said… the technology was there.
    So if the Egyptians did it this way, how does that account for Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle? He claimed that he had discovered the secrets to the pyramids, but there were no balloons or any other flying device ever seen transporting the blocks that were used. Was he a fraud? Did he have help? These are questions that unfortunately no one can ask him.
    With further investigation, I have begun to go down a different path of thinking. I cant really talk about it in detail, but there is evidential proof of the theory working. The reason for the secrecy is because the work is not all my own. My theories simply line up with someone else’s who will eventially be publishing his discoveries. (I wouldnt want to steal his work or let it out before the right time.) I can however say that our theories are sound and the proof is there…at least in testing.

  4. philip says:

    you would have to very high electrical current to do so. Or alot of rare earth magnets might be feasable.

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