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Bible-belt Town Bans Blasphemy

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Jun 03 2005

Reuters, via YahooNews, USA
June 2, 2005

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The name of the Lord may no longer be taken in vain in the Dutch village of Staphorst.
Staphorst, in the so-called Dutch “bible belt” of eastern towns where religion holds sway, approved a ban on swearing by 13-4 council votes.

But the caveat that swearing is not banned when it is an expression of the constitutional freedom of speech may make it difficult to punish offenders. “A ban on swearing can be seen as a signal,” the council’s proposal said, adding a change in moral values was needed to address the underlying problem.

Past swearing bans in bible-belt villages were declared in violation of the right to free expression in 1986. One other town has such a ban — Reimerswaal, in the southwestern province of Zeeland. The Dutch association against swearing, which runs national billboard campaigns to admonish the bad-mouthed Dutch, says the Bible outlaws swearing.

“Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain,” it quotes Exodus 20:7.

Mystery Upright Creature Photographed

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Jun 03 2005

On Eyewit4., we present several reports of an upright, bi-pedal lizard or min-dino known as the Colorado River Dinosaur nad/or the mini-t-rex, described as very bi-pedal with short upraised “arms” and strong legs.

This photo was allegedly shot on a Florida farm and among the creatures it could be is the mini-t-rex. Yes, its hard to speculate any harder than this. It could just be a bug on his lens.

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Those Mysterious Olmecs. A Pre-Hispanic Civilization in the Americas; from Whence Did They Come? Why Is Everybody’s Claiming Them As Their Own?

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Jun 03 2005

3000+ Year Old Giant head found buried 20 ft. deep with the use of magnetic mapping. What was an Advanced, Black, or possibly Asian or East Indian)non-Egyptian, pre-Hispanic civilization doing in Mexico–in the America’s prior to and more advanced than the Maya and the Aztecs?

No one knows for certain where they came from, where they went or how they moved those huge stone sculptures from distant quarries. Traditional archeology doesn’t have the answers–but if you believe that man has always been advanced you can see where they may have come from.

“Readers of my books, 9Sitchin’s) and especially of The Lost Realms, as well as of a previous article on this website titled “The Case of the Missing Elephant,” know by now that beginning with the discovery of a colossal stone head in 1869, an advanced civilization that preceded the Mayas and Aztecs of Mexico came to light.

Its leaders and bearers were unmistakably black Africans. They were arbitrarily named by archaeologists “Olmecs”; and their embarrassing enigma — of who they were, and how they had come across the ocean, and why, was compounded by the timing of their arrival in the New World.

Once it was conceded (very grudgingly!) that the ‘Olmecs’ did indeed represent the earliest or even Mother Civilization of Mesoamerica, the date of their arrival was at first set at about 250 B.C.; then at about 500 B.C.; then farther back and back, until 1500 B.C. was acknowledged.

But I have argued for a date twice as old!” 3000 years is now accepted……” Sitchin

In each of three columns, an author makes a convincing case that the Olmecs originated in; Africa, from the Hindu Culture and finally from China. Who makes the most convincing case? You know, maybe at the time of the Olmecs, racial characteristics were distributed differntly that they are today…

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