Rock Carvings & Parts of Buildings Lead to Claims of Mythical City Being Discovered

Posted by Chris Parker
Jun 02 2005

At Mahabalipuram, when the tsunami fell back from the shore it took with it tonnes of sand from the beach, laying bare the forgotten ruins of a 7th-century temple and a rock covered with beautiful carvings of tigers, elephants and horses.

Archaeologists say that the new find indicates a “giant superstructure” that once stood on the beach, dating from the Pallava period from which Mahabalipuram’s other temples also date.

While important, however, they are causing nothing like the fuss of the other tantalising glimpse into the past that villagers here believe the tsunami showed them.

As the waters of the sea receded 500 metres from Mahabalipuram’s beachfront temple, mesmerised observers say that they saw very clearly on the ocean floor a series of pagoda-like temples apparently swallowed up by the sea in the past few hundred years.”

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