Lion’s Cavern: The Oldest Mine in the World

Posted by Chris Parker
May 31 2005

The first beauty parlor is over 40,000 years old! Long before the days of Cleopatra and Helen of Troy, in the heart of Africa, cosmetics were being mined to beautify men and woman – who even than recognised that nature needs a little help.

The birth of beauty began at Bomvu ridge, in the Ngwenya mountains of the Kingdom of Swaziland. Here on a mountain of iron ore between the Ngwenya border post and the capital Mbabane, the first evidence of prehistoric activity was recorded in 1947.

Subsequently some 20 years later, with great excitment, it was discovered that at least 100,000 tons of ore had been removed prior to commencement of modern opencast operations by the Swaziland Iron Ore development Company.

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