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New Underwater Finds in Sri Krishna’s City

Science, The Flood of Noah, Unexplained Artifact | Posted by Chris Parker
May 27 2005

Submitted by: Deva-Evu Lawrie from “The Hindu” 1987, 1988

Quote from Artcle: “More than a decade back, a very old, small temple within a big temple, believed to be the original “Krishna temple” was unearthed 20 to 30 feet deep, not far off from the location of the present one, by the first surface excavation of the Archaeological Department.

Again, in early 1985, the fourth under-water excavation discovered two submerged sea walls, 20 to 30 feet below the sea-bed a few metres apart—also reported in The Hindu, the same year (1985), how the old Dwaraka Port, once the “gateway” of ancient India, was submerged four to five thousand years ago, was scientifically explained by Mr. C.S. Mahadevan of Madras vide The Hindu, February 21, 1985. Dwaraka was partially submerged according to him in 3031 B.C..

Later in 2700 BC, not only the remaining portion of Dwaraka but even the remaining portion of Lanka, Ravana’s kingdom got submerged in a cataclysm. This explanation is supported by the scientific reasons advanced by him. Due to the tilting of the axis of the earth, generally some of the islands throughout the world submerged.”
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